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Moving to a new home or office is a difficult task and so when you recruit a removal firm to assist you, you want to be sure that you are getting skilled and trustworthy people who will be able to overcome every obstacle and challenge. There are many companies out there who can do what you need but they all pale in comparison to Southwark Removals. We are based in the South of London and can aid you in moving anywhere, whether it’s down the road, to the other end of town, across the UK or in another country entirely. We dedicate ourselves to doing everything properly, safely and to the highest standard. You may be unsure if we are right for you now, but read on and discover how we can help.

We can only do everything that is necessary if we have the best people to do it for you. We only hire the most eligible removers, and so we are on the lookout for people with many years of experience that has allowed them to amass skills, knowledge, tips, tricks and more that can make things simpler. We expect them to know how to pack well and how to use the best materials. They should be strong and know the safety precaution necessary when handling large objects. They should be aware of every part of the process so they don’t forget anything or do it correctly. We also only employ people if they are friendly, patient and appreciable, allowing you to ask them any questions, make a request, seek clarification and more. They are there for you and so you should take full advantage of their presence. It is essential that they are trustworthy because they will be taking care of your belongings, entering into your home and business, and undertaking a task that can greatly affect your life. You should never worry about anything when it comes to your move because our team are dedicated and will work hard until the job is done.

It wouldn’t be much use if we had such skilled people at your disposal and they couldn’t do anything so we offer many services to you. You can find out more about them when you call and at that time our operators can also answer any questions you have, as well as supply you with advice, tips, info and a quote that is completely free and requires no commitment. If you give us full details about your move, such as what type of things you want moved, where you are going from/to, etc, then we can make sure you get the support you need.

We can do every job that could be necessary for a successful removal, starting with packing. Our team will have all the materials available and then put them to good use as they wrap and box everything you own, guaranteeing their safety. They are careful when removing these and your furniture from the building and will place them onto our vehicles. The can be taken to wherever they are required, including our storage facilities. Here we can hold onto as many of your goods for any amount of time and can deliver them as soon as they are needed. We can supply the additional assistance necessary for international moves such as assisting you with paperwork and foreign shipping and our Man and Van Service can keep everything simple.

Your move may be a difficult task if you are alone, but with the help of Southwark Removals, it will be a breeze.